I hear the sirens calling
As the rain is gently falling


This is “Two Different Ways” by Factory Floor, who are one of the most exciting bands around right now. They’ve been going since 2005 and have released a couple of corking mini-albums and a number of singles, including “Wooden Box”, which was remixed by New Order drummer Stephen Morris. He described the band’s music as “unsettling disco” in an interview with The Quietus. Factory Floor’s Nik Void recorded an album with Chris & Cosey earlier this year – credited to Carter Tutti Void – and used to be in KaitO, the noisy pop outfit, when she was known as Nikki Colk. I think I read somewhere that she’s from Norwich. Which is a fine city, as I have mentioned before.

Morrissey and the NME (part one)

Left: The Smiths on the cover of NME in February 1984 after being crowned Best New Artist in the paper’s annual Readers’ Poll. I went to see The Smiths at the Gala Ballroom in Norwich during the summer of 1983 after reading about them in the NME. I thought they were wet and limp, like a sweaty vicar’s handshake, and the singer was a right chump. Still, I met John Peel that night, so it wasn’t a complete waste of time. I gave John a copy of my fanzine and he insisted on paying me for it. I believe he bought me a drink as well.

Right: Morrissey on the cover of NME in November 2007. This is a great cover and I could bang on about it for ages, but I’ll do my best to keep this short. The most striking thing is that nice bit of underlining. You can’t beat a nice bit of underlining. The way the main photo is torn along the left side is good too. So is the red blob up in the top right corner. You can’t beat a nice red blob up in the top right corner. Not sure about how those words under Morrisey’s name have been tippexed out, though. That seems weird.

One cello, two stylophones

This is the video for “Weirdo”, the first single by …Of Diamonds. You can read about them at My New Favourite Band. “Weirdo” was released a few days ago and I like it very much. It wormed its witchy way into my head as I watched the video last Saturday morning, distracting me when I should have been making changes to my fantasy football team, and I haven’t managed to get rid of it yet. I like most of what I’ve heard from …Of Diamonds, actually. As you will see here, one of them plays an old cello and the other two play stylophones. In another of their songs, one of them plays a melodica. I also like …Of Diamonds because they come from Norwich, which is a fine city.