I hear the sirens calling
As the rain is gently falling

One cello, two stylophones

This is the video for “Weirdo”, the first single by …Of Diamonds. You can read about them at My New Favourite Band. “Weirdo” was released a few days ago and I like it very much. It wormed its witchy way into my head as I watched the video last Saturday morning, distracting me when I should have been making changes to my fantasy football team, and I haven’t managed to get rid of it yet. I like most of what I’ve heard from …Of Diamonds, actually. As you will see here, one of them plays an old cello and the other two play stylophones. In another of their songs, one of them plays a melodica. I also like …Of Diamonds because they come from Norwich, which is a fine city.

2 Comments on “One cello, two stylophones”

  1. N!C says:

    @ anon…. ‘Weirdo’ !!!

  2. Push says:

    @N!C Thanks for your comment, but I’m afraid “anon” got him/herself deleted… I don’t mind negative comments, but that was just trolling…

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