I hear the sirens calling
As the rain is gently falling

That’s what I call a home video

So how do you make a music video without a budget? And I mean no budget at all. Not one single penny. Michele Ari – who I first wrote about here – has managed it using little more than a mobile phone and a few odds and ends she dug out from the bottom of her wardrobe. The result is pretty good too. I especially like the bit where she forgets to mime. Her recovery is terrific. The song, by the way, is the mighty catchy “Little Wars” from her “Uncharted Territory” EP.

3 Comments on “That’s what I call a home video”

  1. Michele Ari says:

    It truly warms my heart when people share what I do with their circle of friends. Everyone knows who Katy Perry is because she has more than a single penny to invest in getting the word out & in barrels of cotton candy needed for her tours. But maybe if they heard of me they would like my music too ? So thx Push. Glad you got kick out of it.


    • David Eric Cummins says:

      Love both the song and the video! I’ll definitely share it with my own circle of friends.

      • Michele Ari says:

        Thank you! I am thrilled you love both! You’ve made my day. Push made the morning. You get the afternoon slot. (Evening anyone?) Sharing is much appreciated. Thx David.

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