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Huey Morgan’s wine column

Huey Morgan's Wine Column from Mondo magazine (Issue 1)Huey Morgan's Wine Column from Mondo magazine (Issue 2)Huey Morgan's Wine Column from Mondo magazine (Issue 3)Way back when, I was the editor of a magazine called Mondo. It wasn’t around too long (2000 and 2001), which was a pity because I think we had some corking editorial ideas. But then I guess I would say that. Anyway, one of our regular features was Huey’s Wine Column – a wine column by Huey Morgan of the Fun Lovin’ Criminals, who’s now maybe best known in the UK for his shows on BBC Radio 2 and Radio 6 Music. Huey didn’t pen his column himself, mind. It was ghost written by Mondo deputy editor Mark Wernham, who would fill a big box with bottles of wine, grab the office tape recorder, and meet with Huey at some secret location every month. That was generally the last we’d hear from Mark for a couple of days.

I’ve seen mentions of Huey’s Wine Column in lots of different places over the years (it’s on Huey’s Wikipedia page), but the copy has never been re-published anywhere (either in print or online). Not to my knowledge or Mark’s knowledge anyhow. So here, for your delectation and your delight, are scans of Huey’s first three Mondo wine columns, as they appeared in the magazine. Click an image for a large, readable version. Huey’s views are very entertaining, but you’ll find lots of useful tips too. I mean, when he says “Don’t drink wine with shit swimming around in it”, you’ve got to admit that’s sound advice.

Huey Morgan photos by Neil Cooper

4 Comments on “Huey Morgan’s wine column”

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  2. Tania Ahsan says:

    Hey, thanks for this. I was writing a blog entry about wine and I remembered this and google found this page for me. I have to say that Mondo was the best magazine I have ever come across, ever. And I work in magazines, writing and editing them, so I have had to consume many a mag in my time. For years I carried my copies of Mondo around with me to brief designers on great design, to brief creatives on how to be creative and just for the sheer insane brilliance of them. They went missing, I don’t know if I loaned them out to some skank ho or if they went missing in a house move but, fuck me, they were superb, superb things of beauty. There was a brilliant piece on Damanhur’s time machine, that one on tights being the new stockings was simply wrong but many a woman thanked you for the error, Can-Can girls, and ‘the most expensive suit ever made’ are just some of the things I remember from Mondo – Huey’s wine column being the most genius of them all. Well done, you really represent the pinnacle of great magazine publishing, it was a great loss that it didn’t take off and I attribute it to either it being way ahead of its time or stupidity on the part of the magazine-buying public.

    • Push says:

      I’ve neglected my blog in recent weeks because of other commitments, so I’ve only just seen this. And goodness me, I’m totally bowled over by this!! Mondo was never quite what I wanted it to be, but we sometimes got close and I’m very proud of what we achieved under extremely difficult condtions – including daily battles with the publisher!! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and for saying such lovely things.

  3. […] I will encounter a wine that makes me go’Ai Papi!’and hark back to those halcyon days when Huey Morgan did the wine column for Mondo magazine and then that goes into a category all of its own. Since everyone is being deeply annoying about […]

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