I hear the sirens calling
As the rain is gently falling

Grail hunting at Christmas

Rat Scabies And The Holy Grail, Christmas 2001 (front)Rat Scabies And The Holy Grail, Christmas 2011 (inside)Did I mention I’d written a book called Rat Scabies And The Holy Grail? I believe I did. It’s very good, you know. It’s about what the title says it’s about – punk rock legend Rat Scabies and me on a mind-bending (and probably soul-bending) hunt to find ye olde mystic and elusive Holy Grail – and you can read a couple of extracts here. Go on. You know you want to.

Several of the episodes described in Rat Scabies And The Holy Grail have been turned into cartoons by our arty friend Stu Warwick, some of which Stu has published as limited edition prints and auctioned off for charity (lovely bloke that he is). Each year since the book came out, Stu has also produced a small run of Christmas cards for Rat and me – and his 2011 card is my favourite to date. The front shows Rat and me with photographer Richard Bellia, who occasionally joined us on our questing (that’s a technical term us grail hunters use), and the inside has a secret message hidden in Stu’s specially adapted version of one of the coded parchments from Rennes-le-Chateau in France, a place which features heavily in the book. Click the images to see them nice and big and readable.

On this seasonal note, that’s about it from me for a couple of weeks. Have a great Christmas. I’ll start posting again when I’m able to extricate myself from the armchair.

7 Comments on “Grail hunting at Christmas”

  1. Mondo says:

    Have a rocking/rolling one Push – thanks for The Pukes tip off. I’ve been spreading the word ever since..

    If you get the chance, try and point your ears at this over the festive stretch – last night’s Radio Podrophenia Christmas edition– all the best for 2012 matey

  2. Stu says:

    🙂 have a great christmas Push – you are too kind – enjoy that armchair for a coupla weeks.

  3. General De Gaulle says:

    Sauniere never found any parchments. The pillar was never hollow. The new altar was installed in 1886 and not in 1891. The amount of mistaken beliefs on this subject matter could fill several telephone directories. The British are very good at falling for this rubbish.

  4. Push says:

    @Le General What’s that? Sauniere didn’t find any parchments? The pillar wasn’t hollow? Now where’s the fun in any of that?

  5. Von Roskowinski says:

    Scabies is very itchy and in worst cases it can cause high fevers and rashes. ‘”;*:

    My current web portal

  6. Joshua Podro says:

    Bullshit produced by bullshitters. Nice one.

  7. […] P.S – I’d heartily recommend the book Rat Scabies and the Holy Grail, by Christopher Dawes. […]

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