I hear the sirens calling
As the rain is gently falling

High heels, low lifes, perky popsters

I’ve been playing this video a lot since I stumbled across it last week. It’s a song called “Who Cares Anyway” by London electropop duo High Heels And Low Lifes, and this is indie music in the true sense of the phrase. They don’t have a label or a producer or a manager or any of that. They are doing everything themselves. For now, at least. The girl is Bekki Finnigan, the guy is Mista Mee, and “Who Cares Anyway” is about every girl/boy relationship there’s ever been. It has some neat lines – “It’s the crazy things you do / Creating new issues / When all I want is some new shoes / And may I add, handbags” – and it makes me think of The Specials’ “I Can’t Stand It”, on which Terry Hall and Rhoda Dakar declared their undying irritation with each other. Not that it sounds even remotely like The Specials, you understand.

High Heels And Low Lifes are planning to put out an album shortly. Having had a sneak preview of a few tracks, I’d say it was shaping up nicely. While I suspect their perky pop tunes and London twangs and Mista Mee’s cartoon-ish character will annoy the fuck out of the beard-stroking serious music brigade, that’s just another reason why I really like them.