I hear the sirens calling
As the rain is gently falling


I keep thinking I ought get this blog thing going again.

There. That’s it. I’ve gone and said it out loud, so I suppose I’ll have to do it now. I’ll do my best to come up with something vaguely interesting to post here shortly. In the meantime, for no good reason whatsoever, here’s a picture of some cows I took a little while ago.

Harold Pinterest

I’ve joined Pinterest. I’m really not sure what I’m expecting to achieve by this, but I’ve been and gone and done it all the same. I’ve created five “boards” so far and I’m pretty pleased with the way they look, although I’m not sure that being pleased with the way your boards look is the point of it all. You can see my boards by clicking here. I’ve put up some old Melody Maker and Muzik clippings from my archive site and a few bits from this blog, but my favourite board is called Harold Pinterest, which consists of photos of Harold Pinter. LOL, eh?

Anyway, I’ve been “pinning” for a couple of weeks now, but I haven’t got very many followers yet. In fact, I have precisely zero followers. Then again, I’m following precisely zero people myself. I have had something “repinned”, though, which means somebody has pinned one of my things on one of their boards. Well, I think that’s what’s happened.

Gaye Advert’s pants

The longer this blog goes on (and I’m surprised it has gone on this long), the more hits I’m getting through search engines. Which is great. Every hit is a good hit.

I’m very intrigued by the search engine terms that have brought some visitors here, though. They include “sweaty Marquee” (just about everything about The Marquee was sweaty, especially the sticky floor), “Marco & Tony Leeds bouncers 1980s”, “lego ladies”, “quick police sex” (two different searches, presumably pulled in by the Sex Pistols and Police tags), “poor Mrs Bonky”, “hysterical injury”, “sticks fingers up his nose” (I’m glad I don’t know why someone was looking for that) and “Scabies anak kucing” (answers on a postcard). But my favourites so far have to be “PJ Harvey pushes nose up” (what is it with noses, people?), “Georgian bukkake” (if we’re talking about some recently discovered 18th century pastime, I do hope Tony Robinson will soon be making a telly programme about it), and “Gaye Advert pants down”.

“Gaye Advert pants down” had me spluttering coffee everywhere when I saw it come up as one of my search engine referrals, but then I remembered there is an old photo of Gaye, The Adverts’ panda-eyed bass player, with her jeans round her knees and her knickers proudly on display to the world. Jolly nice knickers they are too. You can find the shot at the Punk 77 website. Tell them Google sent you.

Is this thing on?

My fourth post in just over a week. I think this is going well.

I’m a wee bit disappointed that nobody has actually looked at my blog yet, though. And I do mean nobody. I’m wondering if there’s an on/off button somewhere that I don’t know about. Or maybe it’s because I haven’t actually told anyone the blog exists. I must do better on that front. I’m also worried about the fact that I’ve categorised two of my four posts to date as “gibberish”. For all you stats freaks out there, I do believe that’s 50 per cent.

Oh dear. This isn’t going well, is it?

Blog post one

My first blog post, then. Goodness me. To be honest, I’m not sure I’m feeling up to it just at the moment. It’s a big responsibility, you know. So I think it might be best if I leave writing “Blog post one” until tomorrow. Or maybe the next day.