I hear the sirens calling
As the rain is gently falling

The punk supper club

thelastsupperpunkbyrodakrodakThis is The Last Supper Punk by an artist called Rodakrodak. I’m afraid I can’t tell you much about Rodakrodak beyond the fact that he/she comes from Mexico – and I only know that because it says so on his/her profile at the Deviant Art website. Check out more of his/her work here.

So here’s the big question, boys and girls. How many of these iconic punk figures can you name? I reckon I’ve got 10 of the 13, maybe 11. I can give you Sid Vicious (taking the role of Jesus, no less) and Joey Ramone to help you on your way. OK, since those are probably two of the easiest to identify anyway, I’ll also chuck in Ian MacKaye from Minor Threat and Fugazi (bald bloke, green shirt, far right). Click on the image for a larger version.

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6 Comments on “The punk supper club”

  1. David Eric Cummins says:

    Besides Sid and Joey, I see Joe Strummer and Johnny Rotten. And isn’t that Glen Danzig from his Misfits days on the left?

  2. Push says:

    There is a Misfit on there… But it’s not Mr Danzig…

  3. 4th on left looks like Iggy. It’s a tricky one though. There’s a Clash-er in there too…

  4. Push says:

    @Every Record No, I don’t think that’s Iggy fourth from the left. I’m pretty sure it’s Steve Ignorant from Crass.

  5. stu says:

    monkey , allin , jello and is it wattie? i love trawling deviant art – some is great and some is truely dreadful – search joe strummer on there as an example…

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