I hear the sirens calling
As the rain is gently falling

My first record, my first music magazine

Disco 45 T-Rex Special
Jeepster by T-Rex (A-side)
Jeepster by T-Rex (B-side)

The first record I ever bought was “Jeepster” by T-Rex. I’ve still got my original copy. I’ve still got pretty much all my old records. I don’t know how many there are, but they take up an entire room. Unfortunately, I don’t have my copy of the Disco 45 T-Rex Special, which I think I am right in saying was the first music magazine I ever bought.

Disco 45 was a monthly magazine consisting mainly of song lyrics and photos. It was published by a company called Trevor Bolton Partnership and launched as a newsprint title in 1970, but was later a full-colour glossy. Despite stiff competition from magazines like Popswop, It’s Here And Now and Look-InDisco 45 kept going until 1981, when it was finally seen off by the phenomenally successful Smash Hits – as were most of the other 1970s teen magazines.

9 Comments on “My first record, my first music magazine”

  1. I don’t remember Disco 45 – but I think I was more into Krazy comic back then….

  2. Peter Tagg says:

    I think that Jeepster was the second record I bought, from Baldrey’s Pianos in North Cheam; they did a sideline in singles. Luckily I still have my Disco 45 T. Rex Special!

  3. Michele Ari says:

    When I get to the UK I would like to come over and hang out in the record room if you don’t mind.

  4. Electric Warrior – that’s the one for me!

  5. Have you read Marc Bolan’s bio by Lesley Ann Jones btw?

  6. Push says:

    @Every Record: I think Disco 45 was a little before Krazy. Oh, to be young (relatively)…

    @Peter T: You’ve still got it?! Jealous!!

    @Michele: OK, but you have to put some a couple of racks into alphabetical order while you’re in there.

    @Peter C: Not read the Lesley Ann Jones book yet – but it’s on my list!

  7. Stu says:

    my first record was gary glitter – do you wanna touch. i used to get all his stuff – and yes i still own them too – for some reason noone will take em off my hands….

  8. Michele Ari says:

    @Push, I would totally alphabetize for you. I’ve never offered that to a man before. Um, it starts with “A” right? Mx

    oh-p.s. and off-topic, but I sat my friend down and read him the entire first chapter of my fave book. It was a big hit. The kids in America love you!

  9. Push says:

    @Stu: I still have some old Gary Glitter singles too. Feels a bit weird admitting that.

    @Michele: Yay!!

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