I hear the sirens calling
As the rain is gently falling

Witchy doings (continued)

Perry Harris has sent me this drawing of the Amazing Metal Vomiting Serving Girl I wrote about a couple of days ago. Click the picture to view a bigger version and scroll down to read the tale of the said Amazing Metal Vomiting Serving Girl. And when you’ve done that, get yourself across to Perry’s website, where you’ll find a phantasmagoria of cartoons, drawings and other visual delights, all rich in detail and brimming with lopsided humour. There’s tons of stuff to explore, so grab a beer or a cuppa before you dive in.

Perry was one of the founders of Vague, which started in 1979 as a post-punk fanzine and continues today as a series of pop psychogeography publications, and the Vague Rants site is worth a look too. Again, expect to be gone for some time.

2 Comments on “Witchy doings (continued)”

  1. ngaireruth says:

    I love this artwork, which brings the vibrant story of Mary Hill to life and will definitely save the website, Vague Rants, for a rainy day browse.
    I so cringed when I read how the Beckington minister searched in the young lady’s mouth (with his finger). And thought of Arthur Miller’s Crucible, (which is obviously not a comment on the awful witch burnings per say but on McCarthyism), but there again, the young adolescent girls enjoyed ranting and raving, while pointing the finger at the nice, middle aged women. I mean what’s a bit of cutlery and hardware? Sell it and be grateful. I reckon she stole it, (yes, by swallowing it), which obviously made her very ill indeed – and blaming the occult was pretty standard back in those days wasn’t it?
    In ye olden days witches were likely to be the village healers and midwives – often it was their inside knowledge of family secrets which made people turn on them. Speaking as a middle aged witchy woman I particularly love the story of a certain village witch who cursed the village, as they lit the stake; she had sewed gun powder in to the hem of her skirt. If I knew this witches name I would maybe make a little memorial in my garden especially for her.
    In fact, if you do some more research you will find that Somerset has always be renowned for its witches, who before orphanages and then social benefits, were willing to help young and single mum peasant girls, so that they could keep their child.

  2. stu says:

    ha ha – excellent picture – love it – i’ll check the site out in a moment.

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