I hear the sirens calling
As the rain is gently falling

Erick and Parrish making more dollars

EPMD are rumoured to be recording a new album. If that’s true, it’s a safe bet it will have the word “business” somewhere in the title and include a cut called “Jane” – just like the group’s previous seven albums. I hope it’s true. I would love Erick Sermon and Parrish Smith to make more records together and make more dollars, even if they never again come up with anything as good as “So Wat Cha Sayin'”. I must have listened to “So Wat Cha Sayin'” a gazillion times over the years. A gazillion and a half times, maybe. That awesomely deep bassline and the little looped guitar sample from BT Express get me every time. It’s a great car bumping tune too. I think I’m gonna have to take my old Nissan Almera Estate out for a slow and menacing ride around the village now.

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